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I blame it on the overdose of sugar from carnival sweet treats...

Hey Sean, you can't do this... )
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A special man, the kind of man who is not getting older but keeps getting hotter (and we know who this is, don't we?!) deserves a special effort.
So despite my general absence (I do hover and lurk, though), I've made an effort and finished a ficlet I've had lying around for some time.

Hope you enjoy it.

Moleskin )
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Hello there *g*

Yes, I am still around and I come bearing a SeanVig Christmas gift from [ profile] liars_dance and myself, with our best holiday hugs and wishes hugs

All I want for Christmas )
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Still alive and still around ;)
Busy with lots of things, good ones like trips to Ireland this summer and Police concert ten days ago, and boring ones like lots of work.
And most of all still having VigBean and scions thereof as the only pairing ;)

This is an impromptu microficlet inspired by the way my neighbours' cat purrs. Could have been a drabble but I've become too lazy to trim down

The tomcat )
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Sunday morning someone - you know who you are - planted a Sean birthday bug into my head.
It just lay dormant there for a while then Boromir started whining that if Sean had a birthday coming he should have one too and he bugged me until I wrote this.

This is the outcome. A moody ficlet, no smut really.

Birth day )
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Sorry, I just find this too amusing *giggles*

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Sometimes I wonder if [ profile] liars_dance and me will still be writing these two together when we're eighty years old ladies *giggles*
We love them so much that I cannot immagine stopping

This is posted on [ profile] liars_dance's journal already but since it's friends-only I'm xposting it here for anyone who might have missed it

Wasted )
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Lol, in addition to Heath's birthday last week, a special birthday celebration went on in the woods where my darling Mellors lives with his gorgeous Blouseman.
Written in roleplay with [ profile] liars_dance, here's another episode in our Blouseman & Gamekeeper saga.

Birthday party )
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Dumb thing, why didn't you list any of the places I really want to go, so that I could have an excuse to go saying that it's written in the stars?

My travel horoscope )
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SmileyCentral.comHAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile]

May you have a most wonderful day and feel all the love your friends have for you

And here is something for you, from my ranger ;)

Aragorn pushed the door closed behind him )
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Vacation is good, vacation means I've managed to finish a ficlet I've been dragging along for ages.

Here it is with my best belated wishes for a wonderful 2007 *huggles all around*

Tension )
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I've always had a thing for puppy!Sean and after seeing the Viggo-with-puppies pics I couldn't resist waking him up from his very long nap *g*

[ profile] liars_dance*smooches* was good enough to join me in this silliness and we hugely enjoyed writing this in roleplay.

Puppy talk )
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Written with [ profile] liars_dance for our [ profile] 50passages table of prompts using quotes from LOTR.
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it, which was a lot :)

The healing powers of the king

Here again

Sep. 21st, 2006 09:37 pm
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Been out of here for a while. Work-busy, distracted, on vacation.
Thought that the best thing to do in getting back here would be to post something basic to help me get my sea legs back.
So I browsed my hard disk and came up with these *g*

The alphabet of love :) )
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With our apologies for contributing to increasing the summer heat problem *g*

A SeanVig fic written with [ profile] liars_dance for the [ profile] 50passages prompt community.

Damn sexy spectacles
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Aragorn was noisy in my head today *shrugs*

Unison )


Jun. 6th, 2006 08:58 pm
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This is a new one, for me at least.

I'm getting spam messages that in addition to offers for various medical stuff have chunks of The Hobbit in it.
Weird thing is that they come in on my work email addy, which is massively filtered and which I've never used for anything even remotely fandom related. I guess me and Tolkien were a match made in heaven ;)

A sample )
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So more it is, and thanks for wanting more

Parth Galen - Revisited - Epilogue )
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Yes, I am still alive :)
Frightfully busy though, but this did not deter my resident Boromir and the bunny he sent hopping around. They stubbornly insisted that I should write this and waited patiently.
So I had to do it *sighs and pets bunny*

Parth Galen - Revisited )
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