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Feb. 20th, 2007 07:47 am
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SmileyCentral.comHAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] liars_danceSmileyCentral.com

May you have a most wonderful day and feel all the love your friends have for you SmileyCentral.com

And here is something for you, from my ranger ;)

Aragorn pushed the door closed behind him, hesitated a moment, then bolted it shut.

It was not the done thing in Rivendell to bolt the door to your room. Elves were very private people and rarely intruded in one's private space. As a matter of fact, only the apartments of non-elven guests featured bolts or locks.

Aragorn had lived in Rivendell long and many elves considered him one of their own, despite his human blood. He had never bothered with bolting the door to his rooms before, but tonight was different. He wanted no elven visitors tonight. And especially he wanted to be sure Arwen would not come to him unannounced. Tonight was for himself, for the thoughts in his head, for the image scorched into his imagination.

He went to stand in front of the large mirror hanging above the chest of drawers and slowly removed the velvet tunic he had worn for the Council. He could wear velvet and he could wear leather. Both suited him, both were in his nature. But what he sought now was skin.

He dropped the plush garment to the ground and stared at his reflected image, wondering what another would see. Muscles, dark hair, pale tight nipples, a silver pendant. He briefly touched the pendant, a small frown creasing his brows, then he lifted the chain and removed it, dropping it into a drawer, where he could not see it, where it would not see him.

His hand went to his chest again and began moving leisurely, sensuously. Stroking, teasing, pinching, then travelling downwards and undoing the leather lacing his breeches and slipping inside, palming his cock. He closed his eyes and his mind went back to the Council, to the angry man from Gondor, to his burning green eyes, his sneering lips, his defiant chin.

His cock hardened and swelled in his hand. His lips parted and his teeth sank into his bottom lip while his breath quickened in time with the fingers pulling at his rigid shaft until with a short, harsh cry he came, hot sticky semen marking his fingers and belly.

As his breath slowed down, Aragorn opened his eyes again and met their darkened blue gaze in the mirror. He smiled and licked his bruised lip.

"I will have you, man of Gondor."

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