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It's now or never post *g*

I'm not totally happy with part of this, but I know I won't have the necessary attention to do any further work on it in the coming week and I don't want to keep it hanging too long

Hope you will all enjoy this and that it makes sense ;) Schmoop warning!

Your own sweet way (Epilogue) )
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I have been working for a while on this and I'm beginning to think I should maybe have a poll once I post the second part to decide whether there should be more or not ;)
There are times when the boys just want to go on and on.. *g*

Your own sweet way (Part 1) )
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It feels a bit funny to be posting a summery fic today of all days.. it's been raining all night and all of today and temperature's dropped to October-like levels *g*

But when I started writing this is was sunny and way too hot..

Beautiful idiots )
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There is something in me that makes it impossible for me to go on vacation leaving a wip undone *g*
So I had to finish this, even if I really don't know how to name it

Tell me what you would like to remember )
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Just because my resident Boromir has been whining for a while that he's bored and that I work too much and never let him have any fun ;)

Friends )
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This was written is part of an ongoing roleplay between [ profile] just_viggo and [ profile] just_sean.
Some of you may remember a previous section having to do with a phone call *g* that was posted a while ago by my lovely writing partner [ profile] liars_dance.
As the previous piece, it stands on its own.

Spam? Ain't that some kind of tinned meat? )
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When the boss is away the cat will play, in which I am the cat who took advantage of the ogre's absence to write a fic *g*

Pairing is Viggo/Sharpe..

Over the hills and far away )
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The Boromir that lives inside my head (a very crowded, cluttered place I assure you) was feeling talkative this morning.

So here's this and here's lots and lots of birthday wishes for

Sweet )
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Thought I'd better write and post this before another hellish week spoils the mood and keeps them away any longer.

Follows two previous drabbles, this and this.

One mirror to bind them )
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That mirror drabble seems to think it has more to say. Companion drabble to this

More Mirror )
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The mirror )
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I was in a very black mood yesterday due to RL stuff and Sean/Viggo sort of got caught up in it.
[ profile] ullman, this is sort of in the same vein of your Older chests fic but I truly did not have that in mind when I wrote the drabble.

Bitter and salty )
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February 20

HeartsHeartsHappy Birthday [ profile] liars_danceHeartsHearts

You have all my love and hugs and kisses and wishes for a wonderful day.
And this something I wrote for you

King's orders )
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I'm no good at writing Valentines, but I didn't want to let [ profile] liars_dance's Valentine challenge go without producing something (though a bit hurriedly).
The quote is from a sonnet by Kit Marlowe.

Who ever loved that loved not at first sight? )


Feb. 3rd, 2005 10:11 pm
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Been in a weird mood for the last couple of days, but at least the need to escape produced a weird drabble

The answering machine )
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[ profile] liars_dance and me did it again, our Viggo and Sean just won't stay quiet

I won't feel cold, I'm from Sheffield )
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Fancy a cup? )
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Authors: [ profile] liars_dance and [ profile] moldava (written as [ profile] theatrical_muse roleplay)
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: figments of our imagination
Feedback: We'd love it

Are you going to read that all night? )
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Fancy a cup? )
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This is not a fic proper but more the rewriting of a scene between Boromir and Aragorn. It's flawed, cause to make the point I wanted to make I had to base it on an inconsistency *g*

First blood )
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