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When the boss is away the cat will play, in which I am the cat who took advantage of the ogre's absence to write a fic *g*

Pairing is Viggo/Sharpe..

Over the hills and far away )
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Title: Poachers' weather
Authors: [ profile] liars_dance and [ profile] moldava
Pairing/rating: the [ profile] blouse_man and the [ profile] gamekeeper; NC-17
Archive: Rugbytackling & Green Opals
Feedback: we'd love it
Summary: no spoilers, this time more than ever
Notes: as always, written as a [ profile] theatrical_muse roleplay; the Walker/Clay story referred to in the fic can be found here. With a special dedication to [ profile] sairalinde and [ profile] fin_anwamane for their beautiful songvid *hearts*

Poachers' weather )
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This latest romp starring our Blouseman and Gamekeeper is dedicated to the lovely [ profile] titagale and [ profile] kip_00 who have made the most beautiful manips of our two boys *we love you*

Title: Nightmare
Authors: [ profile] liars_dance & [ profile] moldava
Pairing/rating: Walker Jerome/Oliver Mellors; NC17
Disclaimer: This is all made up. No disrespect is meant to D.H. Lawrence nor are any copyright infringements of Miramax or the BBC intended.
Archive: Rugbytackling and Green Opals only
Feedback: We would love it, of course
Notes: Cross-posted at [ profile] rugbytackle and [ profile] bean_squee. Originally written as TM role-play between [ profile] blouse_man and [ profile] gamekeeper . This is schmooporn (helens78, 2003) ; once more, you've been warned...

Nightmare )
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Cross-posted from [ profile] rugbytackle

I am terribly pleased at how this came out *g*
*pets Phantomas*
*pets Aragorn*
*pets Sharpe*

Of allies and bedfellows
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Cross posted from [ profile] rugbytackle.

I think (if I say so myself *g*) that as a first experience at working on a joint fic project [ profile] heathcee and myself have come up with an awfully good one.

I love this fic and the Samhain feeling it has to it. And I totally loved working with Heath, though she had to put up with some dreadful mail spamming from me. And I'm glad you convinced me to go on YM, ♥ loves you ♥
What about doing a Stormy one next?

The disappearing book that was the source of inspiration for this is called
"Point of dreams"

And our fic is
"Ghost tide"

A huge thank you to [ profile] cinzia for her help in making me see Sean as Macbeth *hugs you*

and am curious to see if the subject line rings a bell to anyone here


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