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Lol, in addition to Heath's birthday last week, a special birthday celebration went on in the woods where my darling Mellors lives with his gorgeous Blouseman.
Written in roleplay with [ profile] liars_dance, here's another episode in our Blouseman & Gamekeeper saga.

Title: Birthday party
Authors: [ profile] liars_dance and [ profile] moldava
Pairing: Walker Jerome aka The Blouseman/Oliver Mellors aka The Gamekeeper
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: they're not ours, regretfully

Walker waits hidden from the gamekeeper's view until the very last minute, then steps out onto the narrow path that leads to their woodland home. He stands with his arms folded across his chest, wearing his best white embroidered shirt unbuttoned almost to the waist, a pair of clean but very faded blue jeans and a smile.

"I was beginnin' to think you weren't comin' home," he says softly as Mellors approaches. "An' as you didn't seem to realise it was your birthday this mornin' - despite me hintin' like crazy, I thought I'd make pretty damn sure you know now." Walker lifts an arm and points towards the greenhouse. "So - you ready for your party, gamekeeper?"

Mellors' mouth hangs open for a moment, not so much in surprise about the announcement that it's his birthday today but for the amazing sight that the Blouseman is offering with that white fancy shirt open to showcase his chest and the pendants nestled in golden hair. He licks his lip and smiles lazily.

"I'm not good at taking hints, Blouseman, especially in the early morning when you go around the kitchen half-naked, but I've certainly got the message now and am more than ready to party."

"Me? Half-naked in the morning? Nah..." Walker winks and holds out a hand to Mellors. "You got me confused with someone else, love," he murmurs, tugging the gamekeeper close and kissing him hard on the mouth.

"There - that's better," Walker whispers as he smiles and pulls back. "Been waitin' for that all day long. Now come to the greenhouse. There's plenty more treats in store for you there..."

"Treats? Aye, I can see that I have some waiting for me," the Gamekeeper murmurs, slipping a warm, rough-skinned hand in the gap of Walker's shirt and running his palm down the soft pelt of hair, luxuriating in the feel of it and in the ripple of muscles under his touch.

"Are you quite sure that it's my birthday, Blouseman? I wouldn't want to take advantage of the situation," he says softly, slowly rubbing a nipple with the heel of his hand.

Walker lets go a soft hiss of breath, the feel of Mellors' hand on his nipple sending messages straight to his groin. "Oh, I'm sure alright," he whispers huskily, "checked it real careful..." Then with a low groan he grasps the gamekeeper's wayward hand from inside his shirt and brings it quickly to his lips.

"Now you play nicely, gamekeeper," Walker says with a wink. "I ain't the only gift for you to open. Come on.."

"I thought I was.. playing nicely I mean.. felt quite nice.. feels quite nice.." Mellors replies, green eyes open wide and innocent while his thumb gently strokes Walker's bottom lip.

"But I'll behave meself. Cook always says that nice things have a way of happening to you when you behave..."

"Well, then Cook's right," Walker replies, already missing the feel of Mellors' touch, but content in the knowledge that they'll soon be naked, skin to skin... "Cause there's a whole lotta pleasure to be had when you behave... Not that you weren't behavin' before, if you get my drift... " Walker puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a small wooden box.

"Guess you'd call this first present practical," he says softly, placing the small knife in its carved box into the gamekeeper's hand.

The Gamekeeper's fingers close over the hand-carved wooden box, still warm from the Blouseman's body, with the same loving tenderness with which they touched Walker's skin: it's something his man has made for him, it's something special.

He lifts the lid and looks up with a delighted grin. The knife is small but exquisitely made, the handle fitting perfectly in the palm of his hand.

"Practical and wonderful. It'll be a real pleasure to use it. Thank you, love," he murmurs softly, eyes shining.

Walker's eyes light up as he watches Mellors' fingertips move over the knife's smooth wood handle. "My pleasure," he whispers huskily. "I'm real glad you like it..." Moving closer, he tugs the gamekeeper towards the greenhouse where he has laid out a small table with olives and cheese and some of Cook's freshly baked bread.

"There's somethin' fizzy chillin' in a bucket of ice too," he murmurs. "An' you might be needin' some of that before I tell you about one of your other presents..."

"You've got me worrying, Blouseman..." Mellors smiles good-humouredly as he lets Walker pull him inside the fragrant warmth of the greenhouse, wondering what it is that the Blouseman may have come up with that needs him to be fortified with a drink before he sees it. "But I could certainly do with a nice glass of something golden and sparkling and heady - just like my man is."

"You know you can have as much of me as you can take," Walker replies with a grin as he reaches for the bottle and lifts it dripping from the bucket. He deftly twists out the cork with a satisfying pop and quickly pours them each a glass.

"But right now, we got this champagne an' I wanna make a toast." He smiles almost shyly and hands a glass to Mellors. "To my man - my wonderful, lovin' woodland man - my love - my life - happy birthday..."

"To our love, and to our life together," Mellors says softly, taking the glass from Walker's fingers and bringing them to his lips, cool and damp from the chilled bottle, and kissing them one by one.

"To the special man who came into me life, turned it topsy-turvy and made me live again."

A soft thrill of pleasure shoots down Walker's arm with each touch of Mellors' lips on his fingers. "Topsy turvy, gamekeeper? Sounds jus' like what happened to my heart the day I met you for the first time in the woods - an' it ain't been the same since..." Walker smiles and slips his other hand round the back of Mellors' neck. "Not that I'm complainin', you understand." Walker pauses and licks his lips.

"Kiss me," he says softly.

"That may be the best present of all... for now..." Mellors replies, lifting the glass in a toast and taking a sip of the cool wine. He lets the bubbles pleasantly sting his tongue before putting the glass down on the table Walker has set up in the greenhouse and pulling the Blouseman into his arms. He feels so right there.. he belongs there.

"Every single day with you is a special gift..." he whispers, lowering his head and taking Walker's mouth.

Walker sighs, his head tipping back and his mouth opening to accept Mellors' tongue, his lips, his love... A soft purr sounds from his throat and his eyes close as he pushes his fingers into the gamekeeper's hair and tugs him closer.

There's something so damn special about kissing this man, knowing that he'll never want to kiss another...


The word floats through Mellors' mind and it's not the champagne that he's thinking about but of the way the Blouseman tastes and feel as he explores his mouth, wanting to lose himself in it, wanting the kiss to go on and on.

Walker slowly breaks the kiss - not really wanting to, but needing to draw breath. "Love you," he whispers huskily, "can't put into words how much..." He rests his forehead against Mellors', breathing deeply in the balmy air of the greenhouse and then smiles as he thinks of the other presents that are waiting for the gamekeeper to see.

"Let's have some more champagne," he murmurs. "It'd be a cryin' shame to let it go all flat an' warm - an' I've got more gifts to give you too, love."

Nuzzling into the soft sideburns framing Walker's cheek as he catches back his breath after the kiss, Mellors thinks of the miracle of happiness that his life is wonders what other gifts he could deserve when he already has so much.

"I don't believe anything can go flat while you're around, Blouseman, you have a natural fizz all of your own.." the Gamekeeper grins, picking up his still half-full glass and offering it to Walker.

Walker chuckles as he takes the offered glass and sips at the wine. "Good that you think so," he murmurs. "Cos we can't afford to drink this stuff every day..." With a grin, he sets down the glass and reaches under the table to bring out a parcel wrapped in tissue paper and string.

"This ain't the present I'm needin' Dutch courage for, gamekeeper - that one comes next," Walker says softly as he hands him the gift. "But I hope you like them," he adds, wondering if he'd given the right measurements to the village seamstress and hoping that the two handmade soft cotton shirts will please his man.

"Dutch courage? You don't need it with me, Blouseman, there's nothing I have to give that I would deny you..."

Mellors' eyes lock for a moment with Walker's sky blue ones, then they lower as he gets busy with the new present. With a murmur of pleasure he unwraps two beautifully made shirts and lifts them to his face rubbing his cheek into their soft fabric and imagining how good it will feel against his skin.

"A gift fit for a lord, love.."

Walker smiles and strokes his hand down Mellors' arm. "I'm real glad you like 'em, my lord," he whispers, licking his lips, suddenly feeling more than a little nervous.

"But' maybe I do need some Dutch courage," he adds, lifting his glass and emptying it one swallow. "Cause your next present's a livin' one, gamekeeper - an' we pick her up in the mornin' - a gundog puppy for you to train..."

"A puppy?!"

Mellors' eyes immediately light up as he remembers the way his old faithful Flossie used to always follow him around and even insinuate herself into the big house whenever he went up to report to His Lordship.

"Then you should find a way to butter up Hendrix, not me, love, because I love dogs and I'd love to have a new dog around. Thank you for thinking of that, I used to have one, you know.."

Walker sighs a little with relief and hauls Mellors into a tight hug. "Don't you be worryin' about those cats - they'll deal with it. Hendrix knows he's king at home..." He smiles and kisses the gamekeeper's neck.

"I'm just real glad I haven't made a huge mistake in sayin' we'd have her. She's a black labrador, gamekeeper - four months old an' seriously cute."

"I'm sure she'll fit in just right. Puppies are quite adaptable and Hendrix will boss her around the way he does with us all..." Mellors smiles and holds Walker closer, making a soft murmur of appreciation as he melts against his chest and starts nuzzling his neck.

"I'm going to love having a dog again, and my old Flossie was a black labrador too. What are we going to call her?"

Walker's hands smooth down Mellors' back, coming to rest naturally on the swell of his buttocks. The feel of the gamekeeper's mouth is deliciously distracting... "I kinda remember you mentionin' havin' a labrador sometime, so I took the chance. An' a name, gamekeeper? Well, I reckon you wait till you see her; a name'll come to you then..."

Walker sighs and rubs himself against his man. "You feel so damn good," he murmurs.

"Do I?" Mellors asks, thinking that in a moment he'll start purring the way Hendrix does when he gets his tummy scratched in the right way.

"What I know for sure is that you feel good and what I'm thinking is that I still have a present to unwrap, the best present of all.." he adds softly, insinuating a hand between their bodies and splaying it possessively on Walker's belly.

Walker makes a half growling, half purring sound as Mellors' fingers make contact with his skin. "Well, you'll hear no complaint from me on that score, gamekeeper," he murmurs, his tongue finding the rim of Mellors' ear. "Cause this present is all yours for the openin'..."

"Mmmhh, let me see... It wouldn't do to unwrap a present before one's ready for the surprise. Better get a feel for it while it's still all wrapped up pretty and nice, get an idea of what's in store for you..." Mellors murmurs, sending his hand roaming up the Blouseman's chest, luxuriating in the soft hair and making a sound of pure appreciation when his palm chances on the stiff points of Walker's nipples.

Walker sucks in a sharp breath and a shiver of pleasure shoots through his body at the touch of the gamekeeper's hand. "Sure - you do whatever you want," he whispers huskily. "It's your birthday, gamekeeper - an' your present." Walker swallows and licks his lips in anticipation, longing to be naked and wrapped around his man - lying in the sun on the rug he's prepared.

"So you go on an' unwrap it as fast or as slow as you want..."

"I wouldn't mind getting more comfortable while I do that. It's quite warm here in the greenhouse and this jacket is beginning to be a bit too much.. Why don't you help me get it off, love?" Mellors suggests, wanting to feel the Blouseman's hands touching him, moving on his body.

"Then maybe we could sit down somewhere and I could work on getting my beautiful present all unwrapped and exploring it - inch by inch..."

Walker licks his lips again, arousal growing rapidly as he imagines Mellors 'unwrapping' him... "I'd love to help you get it off - an' anythin' else you need to remove," he whispers, his fingers already coming up to slip beneath the gamekeeper's jacket and push it off. Returning his fingers to Mellors' shoulders, Walker feels the warm damp sweat patches on his shirt.

"You're warm," he purrs. "Bet your skin tastes warm an' damp an' sweet."

Mesmerized green eyes follow the flash of Walker's tongue as it darts out again and moistens those luscious lips.

"I'm not sure about meself, but I'm sure there are lots of things around here that taste warm and damp and sweet and I just can't wait to taste them. Again and again.." he whispers, caught in a growing need to feel those lips and tongue everywhere on his body.

As Walker feels a droplet of sweat trickle down his back, he swears he can taste the need in Mellors - and the knowledge feeds his own need. "So taste me," he whispers, tugging the gamekeeper's shirt from his pants before shaking fingers pull at the couple of remaining buttons on his own shirt and quickly remove it.

"Sorry, gamekeeper - guess your present's gettin' impatient," he adds with a breathless grin.

"I like presents that have a mind of their own as to what they want.. even more so when they want the same things that I want.." Mellors growls softly, unable to keep his hands away from Walker's chest the moment the pretty shirt is out of the way.

"Tell me that there's somewhere we can lie down in this greenhouse of yours.. I want to remove all of your clothes and wrap myself around you."

"Sure there is - I prepared a rug for us to make love on right over there," Walker hisses as he shivers in response to the gamekeeper's touch. Under the warm roughened palms, his nipples become twin points of need, and suddenly the desire to have Mellors mouth on them is almost overwhelming. Walker groans softly, his cock tight inside his jeans.

"Just turn round, gamekeeper - an' you'll see it..."

Mellors spins slowly, pulling Walker with him as he turns. The rug is half-hidden by lush, green plants and lies in a patch of golden sunlight. The gamekeeper can just see how his Blouseman will look lying there, all golden and purring.

"It's a perfect place. And it'll be even more perfect with you naked spread on that rug. Get naked for me, Blouseman."

Walker smiles and strokes his fingers down Mellors' cheek and jaw. "My pleasure," he murmurs, continuing the downward motion of his fingers, tugging open the gamekeeper's shirt. Then with his gaze locked on the green eyes before him, he unbuttons his jeans, slipping them over his hips and stepping out of them to stand naked and rock hard in front of Mellors.

"Love you," Walker whispers. "Love your eyes on me..."

"God, I'll never tire of looking at you, of seeing how beautiful you are and know that you're mine to love.." Mellors' voice is hoarse with need and desire as his eyes rake Walker's body, followed by fingertips that trail down his chest and belly almost reverently.

"Love you, Blouseman.. let me show you just how much.." he whispers, shrugging out of the open shirt and letting it fall down to the ground.

"Yeah - show me - all over again. Been thinkin' of you lovin' me all day..." Walker murmurs, the muscles of his belly tensing as Mellors' fingers stroke over his skin. Then with a sigh, he steps back and lies down on the sunlit rug, his legs spread a little and arms stretched above his head.

"Show me, gamekeeper," he repeats, his voice more husky now as he tries to urge Mellors to be rid of his remaining clothes.

"I will.. it's my birthday after all and I've just unwrapped the best gift of all," Mellors says softly as he makes quick work of his clothes until he's standing in the golden sunlight, naked and aroused.

"You look so fine, Blouseman... You're like sunlight itself.. golden and hot and life-giving.." he murmurs, kneeling down on the rug by Walker's side and gazing at his man for a moment before burying his face in the soft hair of his chest.

"But I wouldn't be alive if I didn't have you," Walker whispers, then makes a soft hiss of pleasure as Mellors' mouth presses against his chest. His hands come down almost of their own accord to cradle the gamekeeper's head, holding his face close as his fingers stroking through his man's short, sweat damp hair.

"Christ, that's what I've been wantin' - your mouth on me..."

"Tell me how you wanted me all day long while you prepared this fine birthday feast for me.. Did you want me to taste you like this? And touch you like this?" Mellors whispers, lips moving against warm skin as they travel to taste first one nipple and then the other while his fingers stroke the fine hair of Walker's belly.

Mellors' lips and tongue seem to sending sparks of pleasure all over Walker's body and for a moment all he can do is breathe in and out and resist the urge to rub his leaking cock against the gamekeeper's thigh.

""Yes - yes - been wantin' your mouth doin' just what it's doin' right now," he whispers hoarsely, his body arching under Mellors. "Fuck, you feel so good... Need more, love - more..."

More, yes.. Mellors needs more too, a lot more now that he has this golden man shivering under him. Topsy-turvy indeed.. how could he have imagined while coming home this afternoon what was in store for him? Such a wonderful, crazy love..

"You're going to get more, going to get everything.. you're going to have me," the Gamekeeper growls softly, teeth grazing flesh as his mouth travels downward.

"I'll take all you got to give," Walker whispers, his hands moving restlessly over any part of Mellors' skin that he can reach. He closes his eyes against the sunlight and pants softly, letting himself 'feel' the love in the touch of the gamekeeper's lips and teeth and tongue... But try as he might Walker is unable to stop himself from squirming under Mellors' weight for long - because he's becoming desperate for some friction - needing it - everywhere...

Mellors laughs softly when he feels the way the Blouseman is moving under him, squirming in a way that only serves to make the heat and friction between them increase turning their skin to pure fire.

"Love it when you're all hungry and eager like that, when you need me like that. Did you bring supplies, my little desperate kitten? Because I think I need them now."

"Course I brought supplies - you think I'd forget today of all days?" Walker asks in reply, his rapidly accelerating arousal making his voice sharper than he intended. Immediately, his eyes open and he stares up at Mellors, panting softly and biting his lip.

"I'm sorry, gamekeeper," he whispers huskily, reaching a hand above his head once more to retrieve their special oil. "It's just that I am desperate - helpless when you touch me..."

"And that's a very good thing, if you want my honest opinion, because as soon as I start touching you I want you just as desperately.." Mellors whispers, a gentle thumb rising to stroke the lip Walker's teeth are worrying.

"Truth be told, I only have to think of you to start being desperate to be near you, so stop feeling like you need to apologize for that. I love you, Blouseman, so let's be in desperate need of each other together, in our special way.." he suggests with a wink, taking the oil from Walker's hand.

"With you all the way," Walker murmurs throatily, his hand once more finding Mellors' shoulder and then the back of his neck. "An' it's always good to know I ain't the only one who's losin' it here," he adds with a slow smile - the smile of one who knows he's soon going to be well and truly fucked by the man who's the center of his universe...

"Love you," Walker purrs. "Love me, gamekeeper.."

"Not losing anything here, or if we do it's not something that matters, because in exchange we're both going to find something special, something very special that can happen only when we're together like this."

As he explains this - as serious and earnest as a man can do when he has a throbbing, leaking cock pressing into the thigh of a lover whose wandering fingers are managing to send ripples of pleasure down his back - Mellors oils two fingers and slowly pushes them inside Walker's body.

"Jesus..." The sound is more a hiss of breath than a word as Walker's body bucks upwards, immediately trying to draw Mellors' questing fingers deeper to where he needs them... It doesn't matter how many times it's been, it still feels like the first time. It's wonderful - but it's never enough...

"Now'd be real good," Walker growls, spreading his legs in blatant invitation for Mellors to take him, but the growl turns to a sharp cry as the gamekeeper's fingers find that spot inside that leaves him shaking. "Now," he manages. "Need you in me right now..."

Mellors' intake of breath is sharp and noisy when Walker's body contracts on his fingers, locking them in as that wonderful body arches up and offers itself to him.

"Now. Aye. Can't wait a second more. Need to be inside you, love, need to feel you gripping and holding me like that, like you want to hold me inside you forever.." he purrs, a hand stroking gently, soothingly the Blouseman's hip as he waits for the grip on his fingers to relent so that he can give his man what he needs, what he himself desperately needs.

Walker takes a breath and then slowly exhales, relaxing his body and his grip on the gamekeeper's shoulders. "That's because I do wanna hold you inside me forever..." Walker breathes the words, his heart thumping as he waits for that perfect moment when Mellors will slide inside and once again he'll feel that amazing heat filling him.

"Knowing that's the best gift of all, Blouseman. Are you ready for me?" Mellors asks softly, just to see the wild needy glint burning in his man's eyes as he spreads his thighs as far as they can go and grins as they immediately lock around his sides.

"You are, I know that you are.." he replies, without waiting any further to lower himself and slowly start sliding in.

Walker stops breathing the moment he feels Mellors' start to enter his body - the slow smooth glide just so fucking good, so right that he doesn't want to miss a moment of it... Only when the gamekeeper is seated deep - where he belongs - does Walker let go of the breath he's been holding. He hitches his legs higher and smiles up at Mellors, even though he's half blinded by the sunlight.

"Happy birthday," he whispers.

"Thank you, you organize the most wonderful birthday parties, Blouseman, I must say that.." Mellors chuckles breathlessly, smiling down into the beautiful face of his love and drinking in the way every minute movement he's making is reflected on it in a magical carousel of need and pleasure.

"I'm pretty sure you have some fireworks in mind to top the celebrations.. some very special fireworks.."

A wide smile spreads across Walker's face. "Well, lets see what we can do, birthday boy," he whispers huskily, deliberately clenching his muscles around Mellors' shaft and watching the effects in the mesmerising green eyes staring down at him.

"C'mon, love," he whispers, canting his hips up in an attempt to draw Mellors in deeper. "Fuck me.."

Mellors gasps and throws his head back, arching up as Walker's body squeezes him tight and meeting his upward thrust.

"I live to please you, Blouseman, because your pleasure is my own," he manages to hiss between clenched teeth as his hips take up a steady unrelenting rhythm that has pleasure building at the base of his spine, slow and unstoppable.

"And mine's yours," Walker replies, his voice a husky growl as his body moves in sync with Mellors', moving them to that special place where this universe and another collide. Walker's hands grip the gamekeeper's shoulders, feeling the muscles tense and relax under his fingertips as almost too soon and yet not soon enough he feels the familiar curl of orgasm deep inside.

"Close," he gasps, his whole body starting to tense.

And I haven't even touched you yet, Mellors thinks as he feels the way Walker is tightening under him like a pulled rope. The grip of the fingers digging into his shoulders seems to speak directly to his body, spurring it on, and the pressure in his loins increases, impossible to hold back.

"Very close, Blouseman," he murmurs, "too close to wait any longer.."

"Yes," Walker growls, his body arching up against Mellors - once, twice - and then he stills, his fingers digging hard into the gamekeeper's shoulders. For a split second he teeters on the edge, his cock trapped between them pulsing - and then orgasm hits and he comes with a soft cry offered up to the sunlight.

Mellors holds his breath and for a moment everything seems to still and wait with him while he lets the joy of Walker's climax take him over the edge too, his low growl joining his lover's cry.

Waves of pleasure hold them bound together, cresting and then slowing, until breathless he buries his face into the Blouseman's hair and presses his lips into the damp skin of his neck.

Walker's breathing slowly returns to normal - aided by the slow caress of Mellors' lips on his skin. His body relaxes, sated and spent - and as his arms fold around the gamekeeper's back, holding him close, Walker slowly opens his eyes, squinting against the slowly sinking sun.

"Happy birthday, my beautiful man," he whispers softly, turning his lips against Mellors' hair. "Happy birthday..."

"God, Blouseman, you make me want to have one every day, but then I'd grow old pretty quickly.." Mellors chuckles, lifting himself on one elbow to look down into the smiling, sated face of his man.

"And, on second thought, I don't need to have a birthday every day, because having your love already makes every single day a special one."

"That's just what I was thinkin'," Walker whispers, his lips curling into a slow lazy smile. "See, the sun's shinin' now, but even when it's dull an' rainin' outside when I wake up - just knowin' you're there - just bein' with you makes the whole world seem bright..." Walker sighs and strokes Mellors' cheek.

"I still got no idea how I got here, gamekeeper - but I sure am glad I found my way to you..."

"You found your way home, Blouseman, just like it was meant to be. This is where you really belong, here in the woods with me. This is your world. I may sound daft but I do think that this is your world and that the one where you came from was just not really your place.." Mellors explains, melting under the slow, tender touch of Walker's fingers on his cheek.

"You reckon so?" Walker asks softly, smiling as he sees the love shining in the gamekeeper's incredible green eyes. His hand curls round the back of Mellors' neck. "Well, I guess you're right about me not belongin' back there - thought I did for a while, but it didn't last. An' then I found you an' the sun started shinin' again..."

"And it always does now, just like you said, Blouseman. It may be damp or dark outside, but we carry the sun with us, inside our hearts."

Mellors' words are solemn but soft and filled with tenderness. His lips are also soft and tender as they brush Walker's smiling ones before taking them in a slow kiss.


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