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I've always had a thing for puppy!Sean and after seeing the Viggo-with-puppies pics I couldn't resist waking him up from his very long nap *g*

[ profile] liars_dance*smooches* was good enough to join me in this silliness and we hugely enjoyed writing this in roleplay.

Title: Puppy talk
Authors: [ profile] liars_dance and [ profile] moldava
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: R
Disclaimer: they're not mine, regretfully

Sean is unusually quiet on the drive back. Distracted.

His fingers beat a counterpoint to the unknown song that is playing on the radio and his eyes follow the landscape passing by without really seeing it. It's something else he sees. They've been visiting a neighbour.. well, sort of a neighbour seeing that the man lives about 50 miles from Viggo's farm, still he's the closest one and Viggo buys from him some kind of high quality horse fodder that is currently heaped in big sacks in the back of the pickup.

He steals a quick sidelong glance at Viggo and tries to fit the sharp profile he's seeing with the image of a Viggo with his eyes closed and his face buried in the black and white fur of a puppy. The neighbour's bitch had a litter of them and they were all over the place, and all over them.. fat, furry, clumsy and just plain irresistible.

"You wanted to take it home with you.." he says softly, following his train of thought and thinking of a particularly sweet puppy who had settled in Viggo's arms as if that was where she belonged.

Viggo is stirred from his thoughts by Sean's whispered words. Strange how they were always thinking about the same thing... He clears his throat and grips the wheel a little harder, forcing his concentration onto the road ahead. "What? Take one home? Hell, no - I wasn't thinking about keeping one," he says softly, knowing that he daren't look at Sean because the lie would be plain in his face. The pups had been adorable and he missed having a dog around the place since his old collie had died. "Pups are too much hard work - all that mess and house training and stuff." Viggo half shakes his head, knowing that he doesn't sound the slightest bit convincing - least of all to himself.

"Besides," he adds, glancing briefly at Sean. "Why would I need a cute little puppy dog when I've got you?"

Sean snorts.

"I'm not cute, nor am I little.." he remarks, not one bit taken in by Viggo's denial. Hell, it was so plain to see... he'd looked like he hoped the pup he was cuddling would get permanently attached to his arms... Still... The idea has its merits.. Sean's tongue strokes reflexively his lip as Viggo's words trigger his imagination.

"On the other hand, I wouldn't need much house training..." he purrs, quite catlike as he imagines himself licking and nuzzling Viggo and being all over him the way a puppy will do.

Viggo shifts a little in his seat and forgets what he was about to say - that he had already asked his neighbour to keep the pup he'd been holding for another week until he'd talked Sean into having her. That news could wait....

"Is that right?" he asks softly, the hint of a smile playing round his lips. "Cause even very new puppies need some training and some discipline - they need boundaries, security - stuff like that." Viggo licks his lips and looks over at Sean again. "And love and attention too, of course. Lots of stroking, cuddling - tickling..."

Sean's brain immediately homes in on those tantalizing words: stroking, cuddling, tickling. Spoken in Viggo's soft voice they're enough to make his nipples tighten under his sweater and he squirms in the car seat.

"Oh yes, puppies can be very needy, always following you around and trying to get you to play with them, pushing their paws and noses everywhere. One must be very firm with them.. or at least try to.. it's hard to resist a puppy, you know.."

"Oh, I know, Viggo murmurs, drawing his tongue over his lower lip, "it can be real hard. Especially when their tails are wagging and they're all warm and wriggling. But you gotta do it sometimes - no matter how much they look at you with those big eyes, because it's for their own good - so they learn who's the boss..." He lets out a slow sigh as the turn to the ranch comes into view up ahead. Suddenly the cab seems too hot and his jeans too tight as he makes the turn and finally pulls the truck to a halt outside their home.

"We're here," he says softly, cutting the engine and reaching out a hand, resting it on Sean's thigh. "Guess we can leave the feed in the back for now - because I wanna know how you feel about puppies..."

"I'm all for leaving that stuff in the pickup for now," Sean agrees promptly, not particularly eager to help lug the heavy sacks inside the horse barn when dusk is already falling fast as it does out here once the sun disappears behind the mountains.

"Let's go in and make a cup of tea and sit down so that I can tell you what I think of puppies," he suggests.

Viggo chuckles. "You and your tea - it's the answer to everything, isn't it, love?" He gives Sean's thigh a loving squeeze before unfastening his seatbelt and climbing out of the truck. Viggo glances at the barn for a moment, thinking about checking on the horses while stretching his neck and shoulders. Damn, a hundred mile round trip was a long way no matter how good the feed - especially as likely as not I'll be heading back in the morning for that pup...

"You go make the tea and I'll just go check on the horses and get 'em settled for the night. We can move the feed over in the morning." Then Viggo winks. "I'm looking forward to hearing what you've got to say about puppies..."

I won't just tell you, I'll show you... You think I would make a nice puppy? Just let me show how nice I can be...

Sean responds to Viggo's wink with a wide, innocent grin as little wheels click in his brain already and he makes a Plan.

"Say goodnight to the horses for me.."

"Sure I will," Viggo replies, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he heads towards the barn. "Though TJ's beginning to think you don't love him any more," he adds looking at Sean over his shoulder. "You haven't set foot in the stable for an age..." Viggo chuckles to himself and breaks into a run, covering the distance between the house and the barn.

Once inside, he busies himself with seeing to each of the horses, petting them both and crooning softly to them as he fills their water and hay troughs. "Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. Sean says goodnight, fellas," Viggo says softly as he pulls the door closed. Then with a wide smile spreading across his face, he sprints across to the house and throws open the door.

"Damn, its getting cold out there," he murmurs to himself as he steps inside and quickly closes the door behind him.

In the kitchen Sean has two steaming mugs ready, regular tea in his own and a herbal tea for Viggo. He's changed into comfortable clothes - thick socks, sweatpants and a long-sleeved t-shirt. The shirt is well-worn and a bit tight, the result of an unfortunate session in the washing machine.

Sean looks up as Viggo enters the room, a smile on his face. Quickly he steps close and nuzzles into the collar of his shirt.

"Must be cold outside.." he remarks, feeling how cold Viggo’s skin is.

"Mmm... it is," Viggo whispers, goosebumps spreading across his chest at the warm touch of Sean's breath and lips against his skin. "Damn cold - but you're all warm and feeling real nice," he continues, his voice husky and low as almost of their own volition, his hands come up to rest on Sean's hips.

"The guys say goodnight to you too," Viggo adds as the fingers of one hand find their way under the hem of Sean's t-shirt.

"How sweet of them.." Sean purrs and wiggles a bit as cold fingers skim his belly where sweatpants and t-shirt part.

"Hey, you're really cold, why don't you change into something warm and comfortable while I take these mugs into the living room so that we can settle down on the couch and talk?"

"Yeah, okay," Viggo murmurs, though he's not in a hurry to move right now - not while the warmth of Sean's breath is making him want to growl and tug him close... Viggo sighs and steps back. Okay - so Sean and a couch sound even better...

"See you in a minute," he purrs, tailing his fingers over Sean's buttock as he walks away, toeing off his sneakers as he goes and pads barefoot into the bedroom. Once there, Viggo changes into sweatpants and a loose roomy sweatshirt and quickly joins Sean in the living room.

"Okay... let's talk puppies," he says softly.

"Puppy doesn't feel like talking, puppy wants to play.." Sean purrs, pulling Viggo down on the couch and starting to nuzzle him everywhere... neck, armpits, belly, crotch... nothing is safe from Sean's enthusiastic exploration.. a hand burrows under the loose sweatshirt as if to check if he's hiding some treat in there while Sean makes pleased sounds as his victim squirms confused, pressed down into the soft cushions.

"What the...?" The two words are forced out - breathless - as Viggo tries for a moment to understand just what the fuck is happening. Warm lips and nose and stubble seem to be connecting everywhere and anywhere making him gasp and squirm under this sudden attack and the sounds Sean's making seem to be travelling directly to his groin. It's only when those teasing fingers stroke over his belly that Viggo's brain catches up and he manages to co-ordinate his hands.

"Naughty pup," he growls, slipping his fingers into Sean's hair and gently tugging his head up. "You mustn't jump at people like that... Not till daddy says you can..."

Sean looks up and masks an impish grin under a crestfallen 'what have I done wrong' look. He returns Viggo's stern look with an innocent one, then leans in and solemnly licks Viggo's chin before raining small damp kisses all over his face.

"Daddy's not paying enough attention to puppy, daddy only thinks of his horses.." he whines.

"No, he doesn't," Viggo croons, stroking his hands fingers through Sean's hair. Half of him wants to laugh at this situation - two grown men playing like this - but fuck if there isn't something so goddamn sexy about the way Sean is talking to him, is kissing him - is breathing on him - that he can hardly breathe.

"Puppy knows daddy loves him best," he murmurs, suddenly finding some strength and rolling them over until he's lying on top of Sean. "And if puppy's good, daddy'll stroke puppy's tummy," he whispers huskily, slipping a hand under Sean's t-shirt, his fingers quickly finding a nipple and teasing it. "Daddy'll make puppy feel real good. Daddy'll make puppy whimper... Now, is puppy gonna be good?"

"Puppy is always on his best behaviour when he has daddy's attention and when daddy is willing to play with him. Puppy loves being stroked.." Sean whimpers, bucking up a bit into Viggo's body to show just how much he loves the way his lover's clever fingertips are playing with his nipple.

"Puppy also loves to lick daddy and wishes he wasn't wearing so many clothes.." he adds hopefully.

"And daddy loves it when his puppy's all naked and wriggling under his fingers so lets see if he can do something about that..." Viggo moves quickly to straddle Sean's hips, looking down at him with eyes lit with mischief and arousal. Then he peels his sweatshirt over his head and throws it into the corner of the room before pushing Sean's t-shirt up around his neck and stroking his warm, naked belly.

"That's a good puppy," he purrs. "That's a real good puppy..."

"Daddy's got more fur than I have..." Sean chuckles breathlessly as he runs his fingers up Viggo's chest, feeling the soft hair tickle his fingertips. "A lot more hair.." he adds with a pleased little moan as his nosy, wandering fingers slip under the waistband of Viggo's sweatpants and find thicker hair leading down to his groin.

"Puppy likes that, puppy would like to show daddy where he's got hair like that too.." he purrs, wiggling under the weight of Viggo's body.

"Yeah," Viggo murmurs, unable to stop the hiss of breath he takes in as Sean's eager fingers make their way towards his rapidly hardening cock, "daddy wants to see that too..." With a low growl of need, Viggo tugs at Sean's t-shirt, pulling his arms up so he can pull the tight garment over Sean's head. Whilst Sean is clearing his t-shirt out of the way, Viggo's hands find their way inside his sweatpants, pushing the soft material down to reveal his lazy half erection.

"Good puppy dog," he whispers, licking his lips as he curls his fingers round the warm heavy flesh. "Good puppy deserves a reward. What does puppy want?"

"Puppy wants to play with this..." Sean's hand has found Viggo's cock and is busy stroking and squeezing, making happy sounds as it fills and swells under his ministrations. "He wants to nuzzle and lick it... and maybe if puppy promises to be very, very good, daddy will do the same for puppy?"

Mesmerized by the way Viggo has been licking his lip, Sean's darkened green eyes follow the quick dart of his tongue imagining it running up and down his erection. He moans softly and licks his own lip.

A slow shudder of need passes through Viggo's body and he closes his eyes, trying to get a grip on his building desire. Jesus, Sean - are you trying to kill me here...?

"Puppy'll have to be very, very good," he whispers huskily, biting down on his bottom lip as Sean's thumb brushes over the ultra-sensitive head of his cock. "Puppy'll have to do exactly what daddy says or he won't get his reward..." Viggo sighs out a breath and levers himself up enough to drag his pants down his legs and toss them away. Then he shuffles up Sean's body.

"Nuzzle, puppy," he growls.

Viggo's growl sends stabs of fire through Sean's belly and he grips Viggo's hips eagerly, raising his face to rub it enthusiastically into Viggo's groin. He loves it, loves the way his stubble gets caught into the wiry hair, loves the scent of Viggo's arousal, loves the harsh whimper that escapes Viggo when his tongue swipes the length of his cock and circles the head, tasting him.

"Very, very good.." he purrs.

Viggo shivers and leans further over his lover's body, balancing his weight on his hands on the sidearm of the couch. The huff of warm breath that passes over his skin as Sean whispers to him is only making him even more needy - and less able to hold himself back.

"More, puppy," he whispers, his voice raw and husky as he slowly thrusts his hips forward. "Daddy wants more..."

"Puppy is here to make daddy feel good.." Sean croons softly, brushing his lips over the head of Viggo's cock, unable to stop himself. God, it's so damn silky, feels so damn good... and it's calling to him, weeping for the need of him... how can he resist, how can he hold back when Viggo says more in that voice, the voice that has Sean's own cock aching, his nipples feeling like points of fire? His lips part and take Viggo in, not stopping until his nose is tickled by that lovely, wiry hair he was toying with before.

A low groan escapes Viggo's lips as his cock is engulfed in a delicious wet heat. "So good," he whispers hoarsely, curling the fingers of one hand round the back of Sean's neck to support him. "Such - a - goddamn - fucking - perfect - mouth," he adds, the words panted out as he struggles not to push Sean down and grind himself down that sweet throat... Viggo sucks in a breath and watches wide-eyed as Sean takes him in, those perfect lips stretched and sliding round his cock - and feels his tongue and throat working him. Viggo's balls tighten almost painfully and his fingernails dig into the muscles at the base of Sean's neck. It's too much - way too much...

"Daddy's gonna come, puppy," Viggo mutters, his voice thick and gravelly as too soon he feels his climax approaching. "Daddy's gonna come so fucking hard..."

Sean hums in approval. That is what he wants, he wants Viggo to let go, wants the flesh filling his mouth to start pulsing, wants to feel his come on his tongue, hot and salty and just for him. Nothing matters as much as this does right now, not even his own aching need.

His hands had settled on Viggo's hips, but now they move along the crease of his hipbones and go down to brush his heavy sacs, feeling how tense and full they are and knowing that what he wants is for Viggo to come. Now...

The vibration that Sean's hum creates and the gentle squeeze of his balls tips Viggo over. He gasps in a breath as his hips snap forward and then orgasm hits. For a second he feels like he's suspended in time and then and he lets go with a harsh cry of release as wave after wave of pleasure courses through his body.

As the waves turn into tremors and he can feel himself coming down, his fingers release their almost vice-like grip on Sean's neck and instead start to stroke into his hair. "Sean," he whispers, licking his dry lips. "I think I just died there..."

Sean's fingers curl around the back of Viggo's thighs and hold him steady as his mouth still works him, gently now, making sure he cradles every one of the small tremors running through his softening cock, drinks every last drop of what his lover has to give him. Only when he's sure he's taken good care of his daddy does he pull back and look up, licking his lips in a very deliberate way.

A slow smile spreads across Viggo's face as his pleasure infused brain reads the expression on Sean's face. "I'm beginning to see what you meant about not needing much house training," he murmurs, moistening his lower lip with tip of his tongue. "And I reckon puppy's earned his reward too," Viggo adds, slowly wrapping his hand round Sean's tight and weeping erection. He breathes a satisfied sigh and fists the damp, hard flesh firmly for a moment, then slides down Sean's body until his head is level with his lover's groin.

"That's a good puppy dog," he says softly, lowering his head and pressing his lips to the wet head of Sean's cock. "Such a good puppy..."

"Puppy's so happy right now that I don't think he'll be able to hold back his.. happiness.. much longer.." Sean moans, losing his breath for a moment when Viggo's tongue starts licking clean the head of his cock and searches the slit for more. His hands are scrabbling on the cushions, trying to find something to hold on to, they settle for gripping Viggo's wrists as he squirms eagerly.

Viggo smiles as he continues to lick and suckle Sean's cock. "I know, puppy - and it's alright," he says huskily, his fingers still stroking as he sucks the engorged head between his lips for a moment before returning to licking at the slit in a slow, deliberate way. "Cause daddy wants puppy to be happy... wants to see him wagging his tail... wants him to come when daddy calls..."

Viggo gazes into Sean's eyes, seeing his lover's need - and knowing that there's nothing he wouldn't do to have Sean look at him like that for eternity. "Come, puppy," he whispers and then takes Sean deep into his throat.

"Puppy will always come when daddy calls him..." Sean manages to murmur hoarsely before he climaxes with a strangled moan helplessly clutching Viggo's arms and losing himself in the pleasure he has been given.

"Always..." he repeats, unable to put together a single coherent thought and trusting Viggo to know anyway.

Viggo shivers with delight as Sean's climax almost knocks him off balance but he holds on, swallowing and purring under his breath as he strokes Sean's slowly softening cock with his fingers and tongue.

"And daddy'll always call his puppy," Viggo whispers when he finally lets Sean's flesh slip from his lips. Then Viggo smiles and lowers himself on top of Sean, wrapping himself around his lover and nuzzling into his neck. "Because daddy loves his puppy - loves him with all of his heart.."

"Aw, I know, Vig..." Sean purrs, forgetting all pretence as he buries his face into Viggo's hair and hugs him fiercely. Right now he's feeling so good, so contented, that if he did have a tail it would be wagging like crazy.

"I know... I should feel silly for this puppy thing but truth is I don't... I'm probably a nut case but I love playing puppy with you..."

Viggo chuckles against Sean's neck and lifts his head a little to look at him. Those beloved green eyes are soft and glowing and Viggo sighs with pleasure and contentment. "Sean, I know you're a nutcase," he replies, unable to stop the grin that's spreading across his face, "but that ain't anything new. And you're not alone - I'm crazy too. Besides - you're one helluva sexy puppy dog..." Viggo squirms happily in Sean's embrace, tangling their legs until his foot encounters something soft and woolly.

"That's one helluva sexy puppy dog who still has his socks on, I see," he adds with another soft huff of laughter.

"Sure, laugh at me while you can... you'll see that puppy has claws too when he needs them..." Sean growls softly, running his fingernails down Viggo's back and grinning when he shivers reflexively.

"Puppy needs to be all nice and warm so that he can warm up daddy when he comes in and he's feeling cold. Especially seeing that daddy always forgets to put socks on..."

"Yeah, yeah - okay," Viggo murmurs, still smiling as he lowers his head once more, but this time his mouth seeks out and finds not Sean's neck - but his right nipple. "Puppy can wear socks for both of us..." Once more Sean's fingernails run down his back and once again, Viggo shivers in response and drags his naked heel up the inside of Sean's leg.

"Besides - warm puppy is very good puppy," he growls softly, tugging the hard nub between his lips. "Love my warm puppy..."

Sean makes a small whimpering sound and his fingers quickly travel up Viggo's spine to tangle in his hair and hold his head where it is - over his taut nipple.

"Daddy seems to be rather hungry.." he drawls lazily, too sated to really get aroused again but loving the light graze of Viggo's teeth on his flesh.

"Daddy's just showing puppy how much he loves him," Viggo murmurs softly, releasing Sean's nipple but still brushing it with his lips, "and all the wonderful sounds that puppy makes..." Viggo sighs and turns his head to rest his cheek against Sean's chest.

"Daddy's sleepy now, puppy," he murmurs, letting his eyes close and listening to the steady beat of Sean's heart under his ear. "Must be all that driving and thinking about puppies..."

"Then daddy should take a nice nap. Puppy will watch over him and keep him warm..." Sean whispers gently, wrapping his arms around Viggo as if to make a protective nest around him as they snuggle deeper into the sofa cushions. "Puppy loves it when he gets to take care of his daddy..." he murmurs, kissing the top of Viggo's blond head.

Viggo smiles sleepily and rubs his cheek against Sean's chest. "Daddy's gonna do just that," he whispers. "And it's good to know someone's looking out for him while he does..."

Viggo sighs and settles down again, and the last thought that goes through his mind before he drifts off is that he's going to have drive all the way back tomorrow to get that wriggling pup...


Date: 2006-11-06 08:38 pm (UTC)
seleneheart: (touch myself)
From: [personal profile] seleneheart
Hot, and erotic, and humorous at the same time. Well done!

Date: 2006-11-08 06:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you liked the combo *squishes*

Date: 2006-11-06 09:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
normally not too much into puppy play but I loved this! Thanks for sharing.....!

Date: 2006-11-08 06:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for reading if it is not your kind of thing, I'm glad you ended up enjoying it :)

Date: 2006-11-06 09:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heh. Cute! The "daddy" part set me back a bit at first, 'cause I don't usually refer to dogs and owners as puppy/daddy/mommy, but really I don't know how else you could set it up. Big puppy/little puppy just doesn't work, does it?

Anyway, it's sweet and funny, and I like that Sean felt so comfortable just getting into the role and playing the game. And a sexy, yummy game that was, too! ;)

Date: 2006-11-08 06:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
True! "master" would have been totally out of context and when Heath came up with "daddy" it only felt weird for a moment.
I've always has a soft spot for puppy!Sean, this is the second time I write him as such *g*

Date: 2006-11-06 11:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Like the way that the characters are relaxed enough to drop in and out of their roleplay without comment and there's a very grown-up shared sensuality that belies the apparent disparity in the roles they've taken on. Thanks for posting.

Date: 2006-11-08 06:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for noticing that *hugs*
These two feel so well together that they have a mind of their own and practically write themselves as they damn please ;)

Date: 2006-11-07 07:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very cute, but sexy too !

Date: 2006-11-08 06:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you enjoyed this mix!

Date: 2006-11-07 05:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sweet, lovely and a bit funny too ! Loved reading it !

Date: 2006-11-08 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks, darling, it was huge fun to write too :)

Date: 2006-11-11 12:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is wonderful. Funny and sexy. You two have put a smile on my face tonight.

Date: 2006-11-22 09:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry, out of topic...:) - I wrote an email to you but maybe the spam alert ate it; I wanted you to know that the VigBean 2 book is ready! I want to make sure that I don't send it anywhere at a time that is not appropiate. As soon as you give me your okay, I'll send it you - the envelope is already laying here!


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