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Yes, I am still around and I come bearing a SeanVig Christmas gift from [ profile] liars_dance and myself, with our best holiday hugs and wishes hugs

Title: All I want for Christmas
Author: [ profile] liars_dance and [ profile] moldava
Pairing: Viggo/Sean
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: they're not mine, regretfully
Archive: Rugbytackling

Viggo rests his head against the cool glass of the bay window and stares outside. All he can see is hillside and forest - not a sign of another house or another human being - perfect. He sighs and lifts his face, looking above the trees to the sky. It has that certain heavy greyness to it that indicates that it might just snow. A white Christmas would be rather special - but hell, ten days alone with Sean was special enough...

Turning from the window, Viggo can hear Sean moving about upstairs. Since they'd arrived yesterday evening at this rather special place Sean had found, they'd not stepped outside. Now Viggo's feet are getting itchy and his lungs in need of some fresh air. He walks into the hall and looks up the stairway with a smile.

"Sean?" he calls out. "What in hell are you doing up there? Come on - let's go for a walk - have a look around the place - explore a bit - yeah?" Then still smiling he returns to the sitting room.

"Wouldn’t mind that, been cooped up in a musty theatre too long.."

Sean steps into the sitting room, a grin slowly spreading on his face as he takes in the view. The view consisting of Viggo wearing typical Viggo clothes, totally unsuitable for British weather in the week before Christmas... cotton, with a concession to long-sleeved cotton... hasn’t the man ever heard of wool? Or, better, layers of cashmere wool?

"You planning to go out in that? Did you bring something warmer? It's bound to be biting cold out there," he explains, stepping close and wrapping his arms around Viggo's waist, the sheer happiness of feeling his lover’s back pressing against his chest overwhelming.

"Course not," Viggo replies, leaning back into Sean's embrace with a happy sigh. "Don't worry - I remember what it was like last time I was over here at this time of the year so I've brought a jacket and a sweater or two." Suddenly twisting in Sean's arms, Viggo grins and plants a kiss on his cheek, then pulls away. "I'll go put them on right now - and my boots.."

At the doorway, he turns. "It's a fabulous place you found here, Sean," he says softly. "Thanks for arranging it - just thinking about us being on our own for all this time is incredible.."

“It’s funny, you know, Vig.. I think that being with you would make a dungeon feel like a royal palace, because by your being with me I would have all that I could possibly want anyway, no matter what... and at the same time when we planned to get together for Christmas I wanted to find a place that would feel special, sort of the home we’ve never been able to set up together..” Sean explains quietly, shyly.

“I’m glad you like it here.. and I hope you will put on all two of the sweaters you brought.. Jesus Christ, Vig, it’s freezing outside..” he adds with a grin, knowing already that Viggo will shrug off his recommendations like water off a duck’s back.

Viggo chuckles. "You're clucking like an old mother hen, love," he says with a grin. "I'm sure it won't be that cold - and besides, if we're walking, I'll get too hot with two sweaters on. One'll do just fine - I'm pretty sure of that."

With a wink, Viggo heads up to their room, taking the stairs two at a time. While he dresses a little more appropriately for a walk in the cold, he thinks about what Sean had said. The sort of home we’ve never been able to set up together... "If that's what you want too then we'll do it one day," Viggo whispers to himself as he ties the laces on his boots. "One day..."

Now ready to venture outside, Viggo smiles at Sean as he comes back down the stairs. "I'm ready," he says breathlessly. "Let's go."

Pulling on gloves, Sean quickly scans Viggo’s lean frame – too lean frame... Cronenberg..., he thinks, his brow furrowing. The damn man will take all that Viggo has to give so that he can put it into his damn movie, squeezing him dry of everything he has.. and then prod him till he gives some more.

He decides to keep his thoughts to himself, but to make sure Viggo gets plenty of food and rest. And loving - most of all of loving.

“Out of here and into the fresh air,” he agrees. “I think we both need a breather after all the work we’ve been putting in.”

"Are you talking about last night?" Viggo asks, putting on his best part innocent - part hurt expression. "Didn't realise you thought of making love as work..." Then before Sean can respond he winks and chuckles softly before pulling open the front door. An icy blast of wind hits him in the face and he shivers reflexively.

"Damn, you were right about it being cold," Viggo hisses, tugging up the collar of his jacket and then stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Let's get moving - and quickly too - before we freeze to death. Which way are we heading? Towards that wood over there?"

“If you were dressed proper-like, you wouldn’t be feeling the cold..” Sean can’t stop himself from remarking as he steps up to Viggo, chest to back, and wraps around his neck the woollen scarf he’s just taken out of the small backpack he’s carrying, making a satisfied sound as Viggo instinctively burrows into it.

“Let’s head to the wood. There’s lots of greenery in there, holly and pine and such. I was thinking we could cut some of that to place around the house. Smells good and it’s something that never fails to give me a Christmas feel..”

"Thanks, Sean," Viggo murmurs, touched by Sean's gentle, teasing concern and grateful for the extra warmth of the soft fleece scarf. At Sean's words, thoughts of previous Christmas holidays - times when they weren't together but maybe with someone else - suddenly enter his mind and he shakes his head in an attempt to dispel them. "That's much better."

Viggo nods towards the wood, reluctant to take his hands out of his pockets. "Great idea about the holly - much nicer than all that shiny glittery stuff, don't you think? But I hope you've got one of those little saws in that pack of yours - I've just got a penknife in my pocket."

“No saw and somehow I didn’t think of bringing up one with me from London, “ Sean chuckles, slipping his free hand inside Viggo’s pocket and lacing their fingers together. “All I could find around the house was pruning shears and gardening gloves, we’ll have to make do with those. And I also packed a flask of coffee, laced with brandy. That will help keep us warm..”

He gives Viggo’s fingers a little, happy squeeze, thinking that this is the first Christmas they’ll be spending together and feeling like a little boy who already knows that he’s going to get all the gifts he asked Santa for.

"Never took you for a boy scout," Viggo says with a grin, returning Sean's squeeze of his fingers with one of his own. "What you've brought will do us just fine. And I'm betting I've got some string in one of my pockets to tie the greenery together and make it easier to carry," he adds and sets off down the grassy lane, heading for the wood which he reckons is about half a mile away. The air is sharp and cold and the ground firm beneath their feet - hardened by recent frosts and they walk in a companionable silence for a while.

"What was your best Christmas?" Viggo asks suddenly.

The question takes Sean by surprise.

“I think this will be my best Christmas, because it is our first together and that makes it special,” he answers truthfully, giving Viggo a sideways glance and wondering if he should say that he hopes it will be the first of many.

“The ones when the girls were little were pretty special too,” he adds, unable to get out the words he really wants to say.

Viggo nods and glances at Sean, suddenly imagining him with his young daughters on Christmas Day. There's something about this time of year that always makes him remember other years, other people, other times - times when he'd looked forward, hoped for something to last - only to be let down - hurt - disappointed once again. Yes, this was their first Christmas together - but would there be more? Was what he had now with Sean really going to last?

"I always think of Christmas as a time for children," he says quietly. "And a time for families to be together. The magic seems to fade as you get older..."

Sean stiffens. It is not so much the words Viggo has just said that hurt, but the flat, impersonal tone in which he has said them.

“I’m sorry you believe that,” he answers as quietly and evenly. “I think Christmas is a good time for people to find again the magic and happiness they found in things when they were children.. a time when loving and sharing come easier.. guess I’m a sentimental old fool..”

Viggo smiles - but it's a sad sort of smile and its more to himself than at Sean. "Not a fool, Sean - never a fool. But I never took you for a sentimentalist either," he murmurs. "I'd wondered if three marriages might have washed it out of you - I know it did with me, but I'm glad it hasn't with you. The world needs people like you, Sean," he adds, glancing sideways as they enter the wood and wishing he could shake off this strange mood. Before Sean can respond, Viggo pulls his hand out of his jacket pocket and points towards a clearing up ahead.

"Holly," he says softly. "And in berry too - which means the plant must be over twenty years old," he adds, thinking back to when he was twenty years younger.

“Always glad to be of service to the world and spread the Christmas cheer around, though I was counting on having some of it for myself as well,” Sean remarks, barely aware of the bitterness creeping into the tone of his voice. So much for his fantasy of a wonderful Christmas with Viggo, a Christmas he had foolishly hoped would be the first together of many.

“Let’s cut some of this, though I’m beginning to wonder if we should really bother... feels rather selfish to cut down branches from a tree to create a holiday feel we don’t really feel like feeling, if you pardon me the pun... Still I’ve always had greenery around the house at Christmas and it has always made it feel special to me and those who shared Christmas with me..”

...those who shared Christmas with me.. The words cut through the fog in Viggo's mind and he sucks in a breath of cold sharp air. Who were they, Sean? Am I just another in a list of people who've shared Christmas with you? Who was it last year? Did you bring them here too? Who will it be next year? Will it be me? Or someone new? He stares at Sean for a moment, his eyes bright with pain and a sudden stab of jealousy, but doesn't say anything. Instead he bites his lip and swallows the questions back down, turning away from Sean and moving quickly ahead to the holly tree. Christ, what's the matter with me?

"Lower branches are better if you want the prickly leaves," he says as he hears the crunch of Sean's footfalls in the litter of the woodland floor behind him. "A lot of hollies lose their prickles as they get higher," he adds and reaches out to grasp one of the lower branches with his ungloved hand.

Sean’s hand shoots out to grip Viggo’s wrist before it touches the branch.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he barks, the pent-up frustration and disappointment suddenly flaring, his hand pulling Viggo back so abruptly that he staggers, caught by surprise. “I told you I have gardening gloves in the backpack, why do you have to do the hero thing and grab holly with your bare hands?”

"What the fuck...?" Viggo struggles to keep his footing and free his arm from Sean's grip. In the split second it takes him to fall he manages to get his arm free but ends up flat on his back on the ground, winded and his heart pounding. "I wasn't playing the hero, Bean - and I wasn't grabbing anything!" he mutters breathlessly, pushing himself up on his elbows and wincing as he realises that the ground is none too soft despite being covered in leaves. Already certain parts of his anatomy are beginning to feel sore.

"But seeing as you're the one with the Boy Scout backpack, you can cut the fucking thing," he adds, starting to lever himself to his feet.

Sean pushes Viggo right back down, unable to keep to himself the questions boiling inside him.

"You're not getting up from there. Not until you tell me why you bothered coming over to spend Christmas with me since it is now apparent to me that you don’t give a shit about celebrating Christmas, probably don't give a shit about me either... I suppose I should feel flattered that you crossed the ocean just to give me a holiday fuck…"

His shoulder blade throbbing from its second contact with the hard uneven ground in under a minute, Viggo stares up at Sean, genuinely surprised and shaken by his words and tone. Okay, so he'd been a bit irresponsible about the holly tree but this..? "What? I don’t give a shit about you? What in hell are you on about, Bean? Since when didn't I care about you? I fucking worship you - and being over here with you means the world to me. You're right - Christmas isn't the reason I'm here - you are - even if I'm just the latest in a long line of lovers you've celebrated the holidays with over the years." Viggo bites his lip, knowing he's got no cause to say such a thing about Sean's past but he's hurting too much right now to stop. Again, he sits forward with a wince of pain and pushes Sean's hand off his chest, his eyes stinging with hurt and the cold air.

"But if you think I flew over five thousand miles just for a holiday fuck then I might as well pack up and go right now..."

Sean drops down on the ground at Viggo’s side like a ton of bricks, barely noticing the hit reverberating up his spine. Doesn’t matter, his brain is so confused already that the hit can't make it any worse..

"How the fuck did we get here, Vig? I mean here like this - sitting like two fools on the ground and saying nasty things to each other? Things we don’t mean at all.."

Puzzled green eyes search Viggo’s face as if looking for clues. "It all felt so special - our first Christmas together... I had so many dreams about the traditions we would create together and would share year after year, celebrating together," he murmurs like a lost child.

Year after year, celebrating together... The simple words ring through Viggo's head as he stares back at Sean, seeing the pain and confusion in the green eyes studying him. The fog that had descended on him, making him focus on things that had no relevance to them and fuelling a pointless and destructive jealousy clears and uncaring of whether or not it'll be welcome, Viggo suddenly reaches out and grasps Sean's hand.

"Christ, sorry doesn't even come close to what I'm feeling right now," he says softly. "Add in pathetic, dumb and totally undeserving of any of the love you've shown me and you're starting to get somewhere near..." Viggo lifts Sean's gloved fingers to his lips. "I am so fucking sorry," he whispers.

"Oh Vig, it’s my fault… I shot off like a rocket without stopping to think, when I do know that you care and I know that you love me.." Sean pulls Viggo close and rests their foreheads together, the rapid heartbeat of his bout of fury slowing down, almost stilling as he realizes the harsh things he’s said.

"What I said - I didn’t mean it.. don’t know what came over me.. It’s just that all of a sudden all the dreams I’ve had about this maybe being the beginning of a life we could have together burst like a bubble. I’ve always been alone at Christmas, Vig, except when I was married and sometimes even back then, and I’ve always dreamed of the way it could be - the way it could be sharing it with you.."

Viggo leans into Sean's embrace with a sighing breath. "No!" he whispers urgently. "It's not your fault, Sean. I should've told you what's been going on in my head - about fearing that this would be our only Christmas together - fearing that you'd tire of me and move on. I always thought that you really lived it up at Christmas - not that you'd been alone like me. I love you, Sean." He lifts his head and takes Sean's face in his cold hands and kisses him tenderly, his body trembling with emotion.

"I've dreamed of a life together for us too," he whispers, his lips still brushing Sean's. "But I've been disappointed before and so I suppose I've stifled those dreams. And I should've got this out in the open before now - I'm sorry.."

"I’m sorry too, love you so fucking much..." Sean murmurs, nuzzling Viggo’s jaw and sighing with such relief that he’s almost feeling limp with it. "Let’s stop feeling sorry and do something to make us feel better... sort of like going back to the house and hold each other and start celebrating our first Christmas together?" he suggests, green eyes alight with hope and tenderness.

"Damn greenery is still going to be here tomorrow and can wait.." he says, sitting up a bit straighter and wincing as his arse lets him know it didn’t appreciate his abrupt drop to the ground.

"Everything can wait in my opinion," Viggo murmurs, watching Sean's grimace of pain with concern and rotating his painful shoulder a couple of times as he prepares to lever himself off the hard, frozen ground. "Everything except taking care of you, that is," he adds softly, reaching down and pulling Sean up and into his arms, backpack and all.

"Holding each other sounds just fine by me," Viggo whispers, hugging Sean close. "And maybe a soak in the tub or a hot shower..."

Sean chuckles as he steadies himself, leaning into Viggo more for the joy of it than for needed balance.

"You have no idea how many houses in this area I visited and crossed off the list because the tub was way too small... The woman from the rental agency was ready to give up on me and had started to look at me in a funny way. I think she was as much relieved as I was when we found that the bathroom of this house we’re staying at had one of those really large old-fashioned tubs.."

"So I noticed," Viggo says softly, his voice still a little rough with emotion as the amount of effort Sean had put into finding this place for them in the New Forest becomes even more clear.

"I don't deserve you," he whispers, tightening his arms around Sean's body and hugging him close. "But I'm damn glad I've got you." Viggo takes a breath and pulls back his head, his eyes searching Sean's face. "I have got you, haven't I, Sean?"

"I'm yours to do as you want, and I hope you’ll want to do lots of things to me and with me..." Sean whispers, cupping Viggo’s face in his hands and holding it like a precious, much desired gift, green eyes filled with wonder.

"We’re not that young anymore, but we've a lot of life to live still and, for me, I'd like to live it with you.. We can figure out how to do it, if we really want it, I know we can.."

"Oh, I want it all right," Viggo murmurs, his throat tight as he smiles at Sean. "It's all I've ever wanted - you are all I've ever wanted. And there are a whole lot of things I want to do to you and with you, over and over until we're old and grey..." Once again, he sucks in a breath, needing to say the words - needing to reassure this wonderful gentle eyed man. "Just now, when I said those things, Sean - I never doubted you, I need you to know that. I doubted me - I didn't think I'd be enough, I suppose. I've never been enough before and this time of year always seems to bring those feelings back..."

"Not be enough? You?" Sean can’t help chuckling until he's out of breath, wheezing warm air against Viggo’s cheek.

"You're very much a handful, Viggo Mortensen, with your wolfish smile and distracted artsy ways, with your blue eyes and stunning chest and you’re the most honest, caring man I've ever met - no wonder that I love you the way I do and that I want this Christmas to be the most special you've ever had.."

"It already is," Viggo says softly, shifting his feet on the cold ground in an attempt to coax some feeling back into his toes and wishing he'd put some gloves on too. "Just being here on our own and knowing how you feel makes it special," he adds, smiling but unable to stop the shiver that suddenly racks his body.

"But maybe being somewhere a bit warmer on our own'd be even better, yeah?" he whispers, burying his face in Sean's neck.

"Damn, I knew that jacket of yours was no proper wear for a British winter.." Sean swears softly, hugging Viggo close and doing his best to share the warmth of his body with his love’s shivering one.

"We’ll go home right away, but I've got something in that boy scout backpack of mine that might help you feel better.." he says, suddenly remembering the flask of brandy-laced coffee and letting go of Viggo only for the brief moment it takes him to get it and pour some coffee into the cap.

"Here, drink it while it’s still hot.."

"Thank you," Viggo murmurs, wrapping his cold hands around the small flask cap, letting the warmth spread across his palms before sipping gratefully at its contents. The steam rising from the hot coffee warms his face too, melting away the last of the negative thoughts and feelings. Suddenly everything seemed brighter again - despite his sore shoulder and butt...

"Mmm... tastes good," Viggo whispers, still shivering as drains the cap. Then smiling he hands the empty cap back to Sean. "Real good in fact," he adds, licking his lips. "Just how much brandy did you put in here, Sean? Half and half?"

"I haven't a clue, you never know with these flasks... but it does the trick, doesn't it?" Sean chuckles, seeing with satisfaction that Viggo isn't looking so pale anymore and has stopped shivering.

"I suppose I should have a taste myself to check if the proportions need to be changed," he adds, leaning in to trace with the tip of his tongue Viggo’s lip, coaxing them open before slipping in to taste the flavour of coffee and brandy lingering in Viggo’s mouth.

A low purr of satisfaction and desire rumbles up from Viggo's throat as he curls his free hand round Sean's neck. Angling his head, he encourages Sean to deepen the kiss, needing this affirmation as much as he needed the solidness of Sean's embrace and the warmth of the coffee.

"Need more than coffee," Viggo whispers, panting softly as he finally breaks the kiss, but not moving away. "The brandy's started a nice little fire in my stomach. Now I need to feel that fire in other places too... Shall we be heading back?"

"Let’s go... Want to make sure I have you all nice and warm.. everywhere.. I plan to check every inch of you until I’m satisfied that fire you're talking about has spread and has you burning nice and low," Sean growls with quiet determination, gently following with his thumbs the line of Viggo’s beautiful jaw.

"We’ll come back for greenery later in the day, if we feel like it..."

"Yeah, okay," Viggo replies with a grin. For a moment he thinks about kissing Sean again - but resists. There'll be time enough when they get back to the house. "But somehow I think I know where we're going to be for the rest of today," he adds, stepping back and picking up the backpack and shouldering it himself. Then he grabs Sean's hand as they turn to head out of the wood.

Almost immediately Viggo catches the unmistakable smell of wood smoke. Sniffing the air, he smiles, thinking about the fire in the living room and maybe curling up on the sofa together a bit later to talk about this and that and have a beer or two. "I love you," he murmurs, squeezing Sean's fingers as they round the bend in the track and their house comes into view up ahead. "Don't ever doubt that - please."

"I won’t.. but, please, say that again to me now and then.. just because it feels so damn good to hear you say it.." Sean asks with a little happy smile playing around the corner of his lips, returning the squeeze as his feet speed up with a will of their own as soon as he spots the front door.

"Upstairs, now.." he urges, tugging Viggo along, through the door and up the stairs to the bedroom.

Viggo chuckles, happily letting himself be pulled up the stairs. "Don't forget I've still got the boy scout backpack on," he murmurs breathlessly as they arrive in their bedroom. Letting go of Sean's hand he quickly tugs off the backpack, hiding a wince of pain as his shoulder blade reminds him of his earlier meeting with some extremely hard ground. "So there's still some coffee if you want it..." Viggo grins and unzips his jacket, then pulls the flask out of the pack. His face and hands are tingling now as a result of being somewhere warm after the cold outside.

"So, Sean - do you want it?" he asks with a wink.

Sean snorts and takes a couple of steps, closing in on Viggo.

"No coffee for me, thanks. I’ve already had a taste and it left me wanting more, though not exactly of the coffee itself..." he explains, slipping his hands inside Viggo’s jacket and pushing it off his shoulders, leaving his arms trapped in the sleeves, while he leans forward and takes his lips again.

Viggo staggers a little, almost caught off balance for a moment but happy to lean into Sean for support. He moans softly into the kiss, his eyes closing as he lets the warmth of the room and Sean's mouth and embrace suffuse his body. "Love you," he whispers. "Want you - want you warm and naked and in that bed," he adds, struggling to get his arms out of his suddenly cumbersome and resistant jacket.

"Well, I will when I can get myself out of this damn jacket," he mutters but he's smiling as he looks at Sean. "Help me?"

"I’ll be delighted to have an early start on opening my Christmas presents and unwrap you from that jacket," Sean grins cheekily, hands already busy with pulling down the jacket sleeves to leave Viggo clad in a sweater.

"No wonder you were cold out there, that sweater was not made for this kind of weather… but no worry, I’ll warm you up all right as soon as you get into that bed with me.." he assures, starting to take off his own clothes.

"I'll hold you to that," Viggo murmurs, licking his lips as he watches Sean slowly strip off the layers of clothing that he'd been wearing. Still watching Sean he sits on the end of the bed to unfasten and remove his boots and socks before peeling off his sweater and shirt. Only then does Viggo stand and unfasten his pants, suddenly keenly aware of his rock hard nipples and the goose pimples on his arms and chest.

"Is it just me or is it cold in here?" Viggo asks softly as he steps out of his pants and immediately tugs back the covers on the bed to slide inside.

"Cold? I don’t think so.. I don’t feel so, not after having had a look at you.." Sean remarks, slipping into bed and gathering Viggo into his arms, holding him close until their body heat creates a cocoon of warmth around them and he can feel him relaxing from his balled-up position.

"Feels so good to be here like this and know that everything will be all right, and that it'll be real, not just a Christmas wish.." he whispers, pressing his lips against Viggo’s temple.

Viggo sighs, feeling like he's melting into Sean's embrace - like their skin is melding. With a whimper of pleasure and need, he straightens, tangling their legs together and kissing Sean's throat. "Yes it's real," Viggo whispers. "And what we've got is real too. Being here's special - it's like how I'd like it to be all the time - it's like our home..."

A surge of emotion grips Viggo then and he pushes Sean onto his back. "You're my home," he growls and kisses Sean hungrily.

The weight pressing him down into the mattress grounds Sean, makes this so real he wants to cry and shout his joy at the same time. He settles for pouring into the kiss the turmoil of his emotions, his love and happiness, holding Viggo tight, arms and legs curled around him.

He’s flushed when their lips part and can’t keep from smiling.

"It's good to have you home," he purrs.

Viggo smiles in return, a surge of happiness and relief flowing through him and his lips tingling as he stares back at Sean. I could have lost all this... "I'm never leaving again," he says softly, burying his face in Sean's neck for a moment as he tries to hold on to his rioting emotions, then lifts his head again.

"And right now I know exactly where I want to be," he purrs, pushing his hands under Sean's body and grasping his buttocks as he scrapes his teeth gently down the side of Sean's jaw. "And that's buried balls deep inside of you..."

"Good, because it's getting pretty hot inside me and I did promise I'd get you warmed up... can't think of a better way to do it..." Sean smirks, arching his hips up into Viggo’s grip and then grinding into him, sighing with satisfaction as he feels him hardening.

"Though I have to say you feel pretty hot already.. must have been my boy scout coffee..."

Viggo growls in response to Sean's movements and words. "I'm always hot when I'm around you - and it's got nothing to do with the coffee," he whispers huskily, sliding slowly down Sean's body and hissing softly as their cocks rub together.

"But I like you in boy scout mode - being all prepared and wanting to help, I mean," he adds with a wink, lowering his head to swipe his lips the length of Sean's belly and then sucking his half hard cock into his mouth.

Sean's responsive wink dies away into an eyes-squeezed-shut expression of pure bliss. Viggo’s lips are incredibly soft and warm and clever, and then it's not just them, it's the full treatment by that unbelievable mouth.

"I'm definitely all prepared," he cannot help growling, the growling effect spoiled by a heartfelt moan as Viggo's tongue hits a particularly sensitive spot.

I thought that'd quieten you down, Viggo thinks, smiling inside and sucking hard, his fingernails digging into Sean's hips. His eyes close and for a moment he considers bringing Sean quickly to climax, so hungry he is right now - but decides against it. He wants Sean's legs wrapped around his back, those wonderful green eyes dark with need as he urges Viggo on, driving in deep and hard...

Viggo growls deep in his throat and lifts his head. "Need you now," he whispers, his voice hoarse and shaky. "Need you so fucking much, Sean..."

Sean’s breath stops for a moment and his eyes sparkle as his hands settle on Viggo’s shoulders and pull him up until they’re nose to nose, sharing breath, the warm musky scent of their bodies making his head light.

"I have what you need, Vig.. Tell me I’m the only one who can give you what you need.. I’m yours, you know.."

For a moment, unwanted doubts - not about Sean, but about himself - return and Viggo closes his eyes tight briefly before opening them again. But when he does, the smouldering green that returns his gaze is almost enough to undo him right there and then.

"You know you're all I need - all I'll ever want," Viggo whispers, taking Sean's face in his hands and then kissing him as tenderly as he can manage given his state of arousal and emotion. "And right now'd be a really good time to show you that," he adds with an almost shy, lopsided smile.

Joy and desire mix, surging through Sean and making him growl possessively and tighten his hold on Viggo’s shoulders.

“I agree that now is an excellent time and you do seem to have warmed up quite a bit," he grins, rubbing his groin into Viggo’s erect cock and hissing softly at the contact. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Vig, and I'm not going to make the stupid mistakes I’ve made in the past.."

"I won't let you," Viggo growls, reaching almost blindly to the nightstand drawer and tugging it open. "You're mine... always, you hear?" Scrabbling for a moment until he finds what he's looking for, then the bottle is upended and Viggo feels the cool slick of fluid on his fingers - fingers that he then quickly presses into Sean's body.

"Mine," he repeats softly, spreading and scissoring his fingers as he stares into Sean's face.

"And looking forward to being just that," Sean purrs quite coyly, his eyes meeting Viggo’s intense gaze and returning it with serene determination, his composure shattering only when Viggo responds by grinning that special wolfish grin of his and pressing his fingers deeper.

"Jesus, Vig.." he cries, arching up from the mattress, held in place only by the weight of the body straddling his thighs.

There's a rush of pleasure and pride and something else that always seems to take Viggo by surprise when Sean cried his name like that. Christ, you undo me... "Shh... I've got you," Viggo whispers, shifting position and probing further, the pads of his fingers searching for, and locating that certain spot, as his mouth covers Sean's parted lips in a hard kiss.

"And now you're going to get me," he growls, slowly removing his fingers and pulling back to fist his aching cock.

"Good, because it feels like I spent my whole life waiting for this, stumbling along and waiting for you, for what was meant to be.." Sean whispers, hissing softly as the head of Viggo’s cock stretches him, big and hot and just about perfect.

"Oh yes, I was definitely made for this," he murmurs, squeezing his eyes shut and wetting suddenly dry lips.

"You were made for me," Viggo whispers huskily, biting his lip as he inches forward and watching Sean's pupils slowly dilate. "Just me - only me," he adds with a low possessive growl, promising himself that he'll do anything and everything to keep this wonderful man. Then the capacity for thought deserts him and Viggo's head drops as he thrusts his hips forward, needing to feel the heat of Sean's body surrounding him - to be part of it - to be home and warm - and he stills, buried deep -his heart pounding.

"Sean," Viggo whispers breathlessly. "My Sean..."

“Yours," Sean replies immediately, feeling a flush of pleasure heating his body as he says the word, a warm glow inside that mixes love, pride, a sense of finally being able to be who he was meant to be.

"This is how it should feel," he purrs, wrapping his legs around Viggo’s thighs to pull him closer still, "and it feels like this because we belong to each other."

"Damn right," Viggo growls, loving the feel of Sean's strong legs wrapped around him - holding him deep - holding him safe... He sucks in a breath and slowly withdraws only to push back in with one long, deep thrust. Oh, they were made for each other all right - already the heat and friction is making his heart race and his breathing quicken.

"Love you," Viggo whispers, rocking into Sean in a slow, smooth rhythm. "Love being inside you - being part of you," he adds, slipping a hand between their bodies to find Sean's hard, damp cock and curling his fingers around his prize with a soft growl of pleasure.

Sean's responsive growl is like a lion's purr. Feels so right and so good to have Viggo's fingers curled possessively around his erection, holding it in that special way that Sean would recognize even blindfolded and has him responding immediately by hardening even more.

"We fit, Viggo, we were meant to be one.. I know it.. and I love you."

Viggo stills and stares into Sean's darkened eyes - it's like he's looking into his lover's soul. Always so open, so giving and true... Viggo looks and lets himself believe. "Yes - I know it too," he whispers, bracing his weight on one hand as he rhythmically squeezes Sean's cock with the other, his hips snapping forward and building the pace, thrusting in faster now - harder - relishing every move... No-one else had ever made him feel like this - no-one...

"Fucking perfect," he murmurs, leaning down briefly to kiss Sean's parted lips. "Just fucking perfect..."

Sean moans in agreement as his tongue plays with Viggo's, hot and slick as the fire inside him keeps growing with each deep thrust and each slow squeeze of his hungry cock. It feels like every single move, every single breath takes them one step closer to that perfect moment when they will melt into being one, the way it was meant to be.

"Almost there, Vig.. please.." he whispers, voice rough with need and emotion.

Viggo stares down at Sean; there's a breathless smile playing about his lips but suddenly he's unable to speak - too full of emotions and words and far too close to climax. So he nods and lets his eyes fall shut, moaning softly and sinking his teeth into his bottom lip as he feels the telltale tightening at the base of his spine. Then his eyes fly open as his hips snap forward, wanting to see Sean's climax as well as feel it. Viggo thrusts harder - faster, feeling the pulse and flare of Sean's cock in his hand as his own orgasm approaches.

"Sean!" Viggo cries out as orgasm hits.

" 'm here, I'm with you," Sean gasps as Viggo's fingers tighten around him when he climaxes, hot and deep inside him, feeling so good, so right that joy bubbles inside him like champagne in a bottle and spills over, same as his cock is doing over his lover's sure, loving fingers.

Their eyes are locked; each of them drinking in the sight of the other's pleasure and of the emotion their lovemaking is giving them, deeper than ever.

For a few moments Viggo holds Sean's gaze, watching his lover's pupils dilate and then his face contort with pleasure just as he knows his own is doing. "Yes," he whispers, suddenly unable to hold himself up any longer and lowering his trembling body onto Sean's. "You are..." With a deep sighing breath that still doesn't give him the oxygen he needs, Viggo nuzzles into the sweaty crease of Sean's neck, his heart pounding wildly in his chest.

"Promise me you'll always be with me," he murmurs, brushing his lips over Sean's skin. "Like this, like together - like in love.."

"Of course I will!" Sean replies, almost indignantly, lips following the rim of Viggo’s delectable ear and lightly grazing the lobe with his teeth as if to mark it for his very own. "It took me long enough to get where we are, to have what I have, to be your love... I won't let anything come between us and take that away from me.."

The emotion is Sean’s voice is deep, making him lose his usual honey tones and turning them into a determined growl.

With a part sigh, part growl of his own, Viggo slips from Sean's body and nuzzles in closer, reassured and warmed by the depth of emotion he can hear in his lover's words. "Sorry," he whispers. "I didn't mean it like it sounded," he murmurs, his voice muffled against Sean's neck. "I think I was just thinking out loud - imagining what I'd be like without you..." Viggo kisses the base of Sean's throat and his arms wrap round his neck.

"And I'm a fool for doing that - because like you say, we're here. It took us a while to do it but we're here - and I'm just so damn glad that we are."

“You’re going to do very well for my Christmas gift, Mortensen, and I do believe that I will thoroughly enjoy unwrapping you again and again,” Sean chuckles, trying to shift and settle more comfortably without breaking contact with Viggo’s warm, relaxed body.

“We’re done with imagining how things might be, Vig, we have the real thing and that’s the way it’s going to be for all the Christmases to come.”

"Sounds good to me," Viggo murmurs, wondering how he could have possibly thrown all this into doubt just a short while ago. Sean was right - they were made to be together. Hold onto that thought - keep it safe... He sighs and smiles against Sean's skin, rolling them around so they're facing each other with their legs tangled together and foreheads touching.

"Must admit I never thought of myself as a gift before," Viggo says softly, angling his head and kissing the corner of Sean's mouth. "But you can carry on unwrapping me for the rest of my days," he adds with a smile.

"Good, because you're mine," Sean growls, tightening his arms around Viggo’s back and surprising himself by the rush of possessiveness he feels.

He has to will himself to relax before he can loosen his hold and repeat the word ‘mine’, tenderly this time, rubbing his cheek against Viggo’s and nuzzling his jaw.

"Love you so damn much..."

"Love you too," Viggo murmurs. His eyes are stinging and his throat is thick with emotion as he all but melts into Sean's embrace and buries his face in the crook of his neck. Closing his eyes Viggo lets Sean's love and warmth suffuse his body. Moments like this really were just so special; bodies and minds completely aligned... After a few minutes Viggo lifts his head and smiles.

"I'm thinking that greenery can wait until tomorrow," he says softly. "What do you think?"

"Greenery? What greenery?" Sean inquires with a wink, tenderly combing back with his fingers a strand of hair clinging to Viggo's sweaty temple. "Told you that stuff is still going to be there tomorrow.. but we are going back there tomorrow, I had my eye on a nice bunch of mistletoe today and I want to get it. I plan to hang bits of it all around the house.. you won't be able to move a single step without getting kissed.."

Viggo chuckles. "Yeah? Well that sounds really nice, love - but somehow I can't see us getting much else done if you do that. I mean it'd make cooking or eating or having a shave or taking a shower kind of interesting but also kind of difficult." He returns the wink and lets his hands stray south to cup Sean's buttocks and then leans in to bring their mouths together in a slow and hungry kiss.

"Or maybe those things don't matter that much - after all, it's only Christmas once a year..."

"Everything matters, because I want to do everything with you from now on..." Sean replies, his lips still tingling from the kiss as he arches like a cat wanting to be petted under Viggo’s wandering hands.

"I think I can settle for kissing you under the mistletoe once per hour, that should leave us time for squeezing in some other kind of activity," he assures, the glint in his eyes making it quite clear that the kind of activity he has in mind isn’t exactly cooking or shaving.

“You're right, Christmas comes only once a year, but every single day will be special now because we are together. And I already have all I want for Christmas..."


Date: 2007-12-23 07:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is so wonderful. I love how you both have taken such time to cover the evolution of their wants and fears and decisions. All the layers you show are so vivid and real that I feel like I'm there (would that it were so! *g*). Loved every word. Happy holidays and thank you!

Date: 2007-12-24 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!
We love so much writing these two together that we'll probably never be able to give up, but it's a good thing :) and over the years we have been able to give them depth
ImageImage (

Date: 2007-12-24 12:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for this wonderfully warm and tender Christmas story!

Date: 2007-12-24 04:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for reading and enjoying it!
And ImageImage (

Date: 2007-12-24 02:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Great balance of seasonal angst and schmoop. They say that this time of year is the hardest for many folk in relationships - glad to see that your characters work out their present and relish their future. Seasons Greetings to you and yours and thanks for posting.

Date: 2007-12-24 04:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It is a weird mix, isn't it? But somehow it works and at the end of course it sorts out, we wouldn't have it ending in any other way ;)
ImageImage (

Date: 2007-12-24 09:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"He decides to keep his thoughts to himself, but to make sure Viggo gets plenty of food and rest. And loving - most of all of loving."

And indeed he did!

What a wonderful Christmas present - thank you both very, very much. Talk about the perfect gift . . . :)

Date: 2008-01-02 06:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Just back from Christmas vacation, happy you liked this, SeanVig makes the perfect gift as far as I'm concerned ;)

Date: 2007-12-26 12:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What a sweet Christmas present! Thanks so much, this is one of the Christmas presents I wouldn't want to miss :).

Date: 2008-01-02 06:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So happy you enjoyed this! It wouldn't be Christmas without some VigBean snogging ;)

Date: 2007-12-31 01:50 pm (UTC)
makamu: (Default)
From: [personal profile] makamu
*melts into puddle of drool* You two really are among the mistresses of our art! *is in awe*

Date: 2008-01-02 06:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you, sweetie, glad we have not become too boring with writing these same two again and again :)

Date: 2008-01-01 12:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Happy Birthday! and also Happy New Year. =D

Date: 2008-01-02 06:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you, you're a real sweet!
Happy 2008 and lots of hugs :)

Date: 2008-02-07 01:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Granted, it is past Christmas but I couldn't just pass by this. I knew I had to read it and I'm glad I did. The boys are so multi-faceted, both with the same fears and desires, wants and needs and obviously each other. Thank you.


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